Metaverse Game Star Atlas to Launch Storytelling Podcast Series

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Next-generation metaverse gaming ecosystem Star Atlas has partnered with award-winning sound entertainment project Audio Up to deliver an originally scripted adventure podcast series which will bring its Sci-Fi metaverse and cosmic marketplace to life through audio storytelling. The eight episode series, which has been created by Audio Up’s Chief Creative Officer Jimmy Jellinek, will be called ‘Moon Station Six’.

Described as ‘Oz meets 2001: A Space Odyssey,’ the series will take listeners on the journey of a falsely convicted android bounty hunter, who is serving time in an experimental jail in the outer edges of the Star Atlas universe for a murder he did not commit. Intuitively, Moon Station Six will become part of the greater Star Atlas lore, meaning listeners can expect appearances and cameos from their favourite characters throughout the series.

To explicitly incorporate blockchain technology into the endeavour, the series will launch a unique soundtrack with corresponding NFT drops. Here, listeners will be able to unlock additional elements of the Moon Station Six tale, as well as its accompanying original music and imagery.

When speaking on the partnership, Pablo Quiroga, co-founder of Star Atlas, added that Moon Station Six is one of many ways in which the metaverse game is diversifying its content.

“After working with Jared and his team on this unique podcast experience over the last few months, I feel we’ve discovered a future where web3 content creation will become multimedia experience and an integral part of the industry. Our vision of Star Atlas has always been one where users experience content in a variety of ways, from our upcoming 3D Ship Showroom to our web-based browser experience. We lead the industry in this category, and this is just the beginning with Audio Up,” commented Quiroga.


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