Metaverse: Fitness entities are embracing the new digital era

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Les Mills, the well-known fitness facility, is joining the metaverse with a new VR game called BODYCOMBAT VR.

Odder Labs, a VR studio led by Les Mills BODYCOMBAT directors Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen, created the game. According to a press release from Les Mills, the game contains basic boxing skills.

Other actions involve grabbing targets and hitting them in the knee of the user. Levels take place in “intergalactic deserts and city areas”. Points are awarded to players based on their technique and effort.

There are 25 training sessions spanning a variety of challenges. Moreover, Newsham and Cohen are available for advice throughout the game.

However, it is not new. The famous VR fitness app Supernatural recently did the same thing. Supernatural introduced boxing to its fitness repertoire in October, and the mechanics appear to be very similar to those depicted in the BODYCOMBAT VR trailer.

Mills and Supernatural each have their own fan following, and not everyone wants to pay for two memberships.

BODYCOMBAT VR is a one-time purchase, with the possibility to purchase more subscriptions afterwards, according to Meta Quest Help’s official Twitter.

Les Mills is one of the most innovative workout companies. It provides Les Mills Plus (previously Les Mills OnDemand), a subscription-based streaming service compatible with a wide range of platforms. Such as Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox. The program debuted in 2015, long before pandemic closures compelled several gym chains to generate online content to capitalize on the booming home workout obsession.

Les Mills is embracing the metaverse with the same insight: “VR is the next frontier for fitness technology”. In making the switch from Facebook to Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned fitness as an area where the metaverse may thrive.

The fact that Meta purchased the creator of Supernatural Within shortly after, while also selling a “Active Pack” of fitness gear for the Quest 2, demonstrates Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for VR fitness.


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