Metaverse Explorer: Exploring the Australian Open in Decentraland

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Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you enjoy sports, tennis and video games, I got the perfect spot for you. The Australian Open, one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world, rented out over 100 parcels in Decentraland located here. The scene is huge and features a tennis arena, wearables shop, beach house and ball park area. The Australian Open complex is the largest location I have explored to date and features a plethora of activities to keep the citizens of Decentraland entertained.

The Rod Laver Arena, located in the center of the complex, is a digital replica of the physical arena. The scene has blue panels wrapped around the structure with a white roof. The blue panels reflect like solar panels and the detailed white railing gives it a realistic touch. Brown pillars appear to hold the structure up towards the back of the build.

There are tables, umbrellas and chains in the far right corner for viewing. The inside of the area is a tennis game. Hit the tennis balls across the court in 7 different locations to receive the prize. The location is advertised like the real event with Rolex, Polo, Emirates and Mastercard. The inside is primarily an ocean-blue color from the seats to the court.

1643534710 screen shot 2022 01 19 at 12.31.42 pm

The AO shop is a clothing store located across the street from the arena. The outside features glass walls with clear views of the interior. Similar to the arena, the structure’s primary colors are blue and white. The inside has several wearable displays and benches with a checkout counter towards the front. A large Mastercard advertisement greets visitors on the wall right behind the entrance doors.  

The Beach House is a cool outdoor club adjacent to the Rod Laver arena. There is a large screen with lawn chairs and umbrellas. There are VIP lounges bordering the location with sectioned off couches and tables. There is a bar for drinks and a full volleyball court with a net, sand and play boundaries.

1643534715 screen shot 2022 01 19 at 12.37.32 pm

The BallPark is a large picnic area featuring TVs, food trucks, tables, chairs and a ferris wheel. The BallPark is a colorful spot containing blues, greens, yellows and orange. The ferris wheel is a unique touch and can be used to view the entire complex. There is a large viewing area for avatars to mingle and watch the matches. There is even a rock wall towards the entrance, which can be climbed by your avatar.

I love everything about this experience from the Australian Open partnership to all the structures. They keep it interesting by integrating games, interactive elements and social experiences throughout the complex. The Australian Open has pioneered a large sporting event in the metaverse and I look forward to other large leagues adopting the same type of experience.

1643534719 screen shot 2022 01 19 at 12.30.48 pm

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