Metaverse Explorer: Exploring ONYX by J.P. Morgan

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Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you enjoy making money, free-roaming tigers and continuous blockchain innovation, I got the perfect spot for you. J.P. Morgan, a financial services company, recently opened up the ONYX by J.P. Morgan. The ONYX is a lounge located inside Everyrealm’s Metajuku shopping center here. The lounge is a cozy, two story, location reminiscent of a loft in New York City. The location is integrated perfectly into the shopping center and is recognizable by a large red flag with the ONYX and J.P. Morgan logo on it. The complex is a fantastic advertising play in the metaverse, which I am excited to be exploring in this article.

The exterior of the build is fairly simple yet elegant. The location is integrated into the shopping center and adjacent to the road entrance. The road entrance is hard to miss. It is a rainbow arch with a large clown sitting on top. The building is painted beige with large and reflected windows. The windows provide amazing views of the interior and reflect the clouds in the sky.

1645442416 screen shot 2022 02 20 at 12.50.35 pm

The entrance to the lounge is a standard opening with no doors. There is a roaming tiger on the first floor, so be careful not to get bitten! The interior of the lounge is filled with linkable content to explore J.P. Morgan’s Web3 offerings. Front and center is a large neon ONYX by J.P Morgan sign. Below the sign is an alternating graphic of the firm’s CryptoPunk and a Jamie Dimon headshot (CEO of J.P. Morgan).

To the left of the entrance is a timeline of blockchain innovation. The timeline links out to the ONYX offerings page. ONYX is J.P. Morgan’s financial blockchain product that will “unleash the power of the world’s first bank-led, production-grade, peer-to-peer blockchain network”. The TV to the right of the neon sign is interactive. It links out to a demo of their Space Payments product. The upstairs is a cute lounge featuring some cozy seating, desks, TVs and portraits. 

1645442420 screen shot 2022 02 17 at 3.50.09 pm

I adore this build for its cute and informative content. J.P. Morgan created a huge splash in the metaverse and got attention from just about every single major crypto outlet. As more major institutions get into the crypto space it is in their best interest to be seen as a first mover. The brand equity will be huge in the future as crypto and metaverse enthusiasts will appreciate the firm taking a risk in the early beginnings.

1645442424 screen shot 2022 02 17 at 3.50.36 pm

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