Metaverse: displays record $120k NFT sale

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Ertha Metaverse looks unstoppable on its path to becoming the industry’s top metaverse. Currently, GameFi has one of the most highly valued tokens in the industry, with a market valuation of oer USD 380 million fully diluted. Today the developers announced a record-breaking sales day.


Rome no longer belongs to the Romans

The buyer who paid USD 120,000 for the right to call one of Europe’s most iconic cities their own no longer belongs to the Romans. They now govern not just world-famous landmarks like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. However also Vatican City, the Pope’s residence, and the legendary Sistine Chapel.

This is more than previous highs recorded for Tokyo, which sold for USD 59,000. Additionally the bulk of Sweden, which sold for USD 50,000 to a single bidder.

To others, these may appear to be exorbitant sums to invest for digital pieces of property. However, each plot, particulary those with higher costs, comes with its own set of resources the owner can use to create revenue via $ERTHA tokens.

Each of the 360,000 purchased land plots in the Metaverse collects taxes, fees. And other forms of revenue from the transactions that take place on them.

Ertha Metaverse is a great place to invest

With Ertha’s upward trajectory, Rome’s purchase price may not seem so outrgeous once the game launches. And hundreds of thousands of players fill its play space. Ertha Metaverse is a great place to invest if you want to get in on the metaverse and Play-to-Earn gaming craze.

The gaming marketplace, which is an interactive globe, is updated on a regular basis, with fresh land in new countries being added. Landowners who are thinking about buying a piece of property should not be hesitant. Buyers are waiting and ready to seize land as soon as it becomes available.


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