Metaverse: $AEKI displays 700% yield in just one week its inception

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Even though the entire crypto market was tumbling, the highly anticipated AEKI Metaverse project launched with a modest market cap of $100,000 and has steadily risen. The AEKI Metaverse’s core token, $AEKI, has been steadily climbing since its inception two weeks ago. It has now surpassed 700 percent. It now has a market valuation of around $1 million.

AEKI Metaverse has put their money where their mouth is, has a doxed team policy that makes all developer and team member identities visible on their AEKI METAVERSE website. As well as a telegram group, where the community interacts with them on a regular basis.

Their developing community is what sets them apart from the competition. The AEKI token ($AEKI) is a community voting system that puts the community in command of decisions. It is for this reason that it is a community-owned token.

All choices are made after extensive community consultation via ama’s and surveys. Moreover, the community has a say in everything that the developers design and decide.

$AEKI shatters the veil of anonymity, revealing the developers’ real identities, photographs, and nations. They intend to establish a benchmark for project transparency and authenticity. To do this, they designed a Rug Proof contract that locks in currency for security, preventing developers from withdrawing payments from the cash pool.

The creation of the metaverse and the future of $AEKI.

$AEKI is a deflationary burn token that serves as the metaverse’s mother token. The AEKI metaverse will be a full ecosystem in which members of the community can use the $AEKI token to play virtual reality games, wager their money, own land, and more. Just days after releasing in exchanges, developers have started creating the metaverse and the game.

While influencers like Elon Musk advocate tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, $AEKI is forging its own route to success without the help of any influencers.


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