MetaTokyo is a new NFT and digital real estate platform

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TOKAU, a cryptocurrency network and the world’s first celebrity NFT platform, announced that it will launch MetaTokyo, the first area on their original metaverse MetaCity. In February 2022, TOKAU Dapp users will have access to the area and be able to purchase digital real estate through TOKAU Dapp.

MetaCity is a metaverse project that is based on blockchain technology

MetaCity is a blockchain-powered metaverse project. There are 150,000 sections of the map that have been compressed into a virtual environment based on a real-world map. These parts, dubbed “Land,” will be available to all MetaCity users as digital real estate, with digital games, social networks, and living experiences to explore.


MetaCity differs from other metaverse initiatives in that users can participate as both creators and players. Those who build attractions on their Land will receive tokens as rewards. ORE NFT will also reward you for staking TOKAU tokens. You can use ORE NFT to receive and enhance Land. MetaCity’s regular Airdropping event will also draw in more visitors.

These incentives and amenities will encourage more people to visit MetaCity, enhancing the value of the land. Because GameFi is currently one of the trendiest issues in the bitcoin market. MetaCity is trying to develop essential mechanics that will make it inextricably linked to MetaCity and its worth.

TOKAU has struck a first deal with a gaming firm to satisfy its TOKAU NFT and TOKAU token holders, and the company will announce the games and activities that will be available in the region in the near future.

MetaTokyo is TOKAU’s first Land since it is the location of the company’s headquarters

A metropolis inspired by Tokyo, MetaTokyo is TOKAU’s first Land since it is the location of the company’s headquarters. Tokyo’s unusual coexistence of people with varied personalities and backgrounds, as well as the interesting dynamic between two-dimensional – think of the country’s well-known anime, game, and digital components – and three-dimensional worlds, made it the ideal choice.

“Tokyo is a city that embraces people from all walks of life, including those who fantasize about creating an alter ego. Land in MetaTokyo is where you can realize your dream, and it’s an appealing asset among all competitive metaverse projects. Join MetaCity, become a Land owner, and enjoy this realistic virtual world together!” said Dennis Tok, CEO of TOKAU.

MetaTokyo will be the perfect start of a three-dimensional virtual world

MetaTokyo will serve as the ideal launchpad for a three-dimensional virtual environment that serves as a natural extension of the actual world. 2,000 pieces of land will have distinctive Japanese architecture and scenic places like the Tokyo Tower and Skytree.

Because users may play, interact, and dwell in the city, and because all of these activities take place on Land, Land gains value and becomes a content carrier. Users will be able to live and engage with one another through their avatars in this environment. MetaTokyo will also serve as an excellent introduction to Japanese culture for those who have never visited the country.


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