MetaShooter unveils its DeFi metaverse on Cardano

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MetaShooter announces the launch of a blockchain-based hunting metaverse, the first of its kind within the cryptocurrency community.

MetaShooter aims to modernize the hunting industry

“One of our team’s ambitions is to build a game that links the worlds of crypto and non-crypto,” the team claimed when explaining the reasoning for the hunting metaverse project. In the same way, MetaShooter aspires to modernize the hunting industry, which is a vast but niche market.”

MetaShooter combines the strengths of two multibillion-dollar industries: blockchain and hunting.


Equipment Marketplace

MetaShooter has built a marketplace where members of the community may build customised guns with improved accuracy or find unusual weapons like the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, or 25*39 Long Range.

Users can choose from a range of modification choices to meet their individual hunting requirements. You can also sell, melt, or forge your NFTs if you want to.

Hunting Partners

For a successful hunting trip, the team recognizes the need of working together. It enables users to enhance their hunting ability by utilizing NFT dogs with special hunting skills and senses that will assist you in effortlessly tracking down your prizes. The purpose is to help users improve their hunting skills and increase their chances of success.

Build and upgrade towers to enhance your hunting abilities by making you untraceable and increasing your visibility and shooting rage. If you won’t be using hunting towers on a regular basis, you may always make money by renting them out to other hunters.

You’ll also have the tools you need to locate animals without alarming them, which will dramatically improve your productivity and success rates.

The team provides hunters with additional equipment

The team offers hunters with additional tools and baits to help them outsmart their prey and quickly kill them.

Users can even breed NFT dogs and sell them to interested hunters for a profit. Your hunting revenue will be supplemented by the proceeds from the sale of the NFT hounds.


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