Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset is predicted to dominate the AR/VR market

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According to new reports on the augmented reality and virtual reality markets, headset shipments will surge. Furthermore, it predicts Meta to capture most of market’s share with its Quest 2 VR headset.

As more individuals talk about the so-called metaverse, experts believe that headset shipments will skyrocket in 2022. Accordingly, headphone shipments should increase by 36% year over year to 14.19 million units in 2022. Up from 9.86 million in 2021.

Due to the Covid-19, experts predict sustained demand for “remote interactivity”. However, that assertion appears shaky in mid-February, when many large corporations are already announcing staff returning to work in March or shortly thereafter.

In any case, A survey says that as more people work from home, there will be a greater demand for new and more gratifying connections than video conferencing, which is where virtual reality comes in.

According to the same paper, the industry splits in two, with Meta Quest being the most popular client VR headset and Microsoft Hololens being the most popular enterprise AR headset. This category should be growing right now, but two big difficulties are holding it back. The current chip shortage is one among them, but it’s also been challenging to develop new technologies.

According to the analysis, Meta Quest and MS Hololens will remain the leading forces in this industry at least until 2023. Indeed, there are no competitive VR/AR headsets on the horizon.

Finally, there’s Sony, which just revealed some remarkable specs and details for its next-generation PlayStation VR headset. “However, that should not play any role in 2022 as everything will be postponed in 2023 due to shortages”. Which leaves Meta and its Quest 2 headset with the whole market, as the only readily affordable VR headset. In contrast, Valve’s and HTC’s products are supposedly too expensive to capture market shares.


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