Metaprints Brings the Polygon Social Hub to The Sandbox

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As interest in the metaverse heats up, many brands have found themselves struggling to get a handle on the complicated new medium, treading water as they aim to find innovative ways to engage with this daunting era of blockchain-powered entertainment. Thankfully however, help is at hand, with the big brains over at Metaprints providing a streamlined approach to enter the virtual realm. As a result, hastening metaverse adoption by implementing an out-of-the box solution to an exciting new age of fan engagement.

In a nutshell, Metaprints represents the latest innovative project to come out of Animoca BrandsFORJ platform, an all-encompassing suite of tools and applications designed to heighten fan interaction throughout the world of Web3. Consequently, providing everyone involved with expert guidance on their journey through the new digital frontier.

To help achieve this goal, Metaprints has taken the reigns on the formidable metaverse side of operations by facilitating entry into a wide range of virtual universes as brands look to secure a foothold in the virtual sphere. Through their efforts, fans will gain a new vehicle with which to support their cherished projects, while also earning a raft of amazing crypto-based rewards, and engaging with a digital treasure trove of unique games, experiences and events.

Metaprints Social Hub Pass

Sitting at the apex of brand visibility, fan loyalty and the metaverse, Metaprints has developed the ‘Social Hub Pass’. A digital NFT passport that allows the holder to gain access to a number of unique virtual locations, while also enabling owners to boost their overall earning potential.

Those taking an interest, can acquire one of these utility-heavy NFTs through the FORJ platform. It provides access and bonus rewards to 10 experiences throughout the wider metaverse, with the likes of Polygon, ANKR, Bondly, Bifrost and more already working wonders through the forward-thinking infrastructure.

“We truly believe that experiences like these will mark the evolution of how fans and brands engage in the future, with immersive activations that transcend traditional brand narratives.” – Harry Liu – Forj CEO

Find out more about the Social Hub Pass >> Here

Metaprints Facilitates Polygon’s Entry to The Sandbox

The latest grand collaboration sees high flying layer 2 protocol, Polygon, launch its own social hub in The Sandbox. To facilitate this new venture, the innovative team has launched ‘The Gathering,’ an exciting voxel-shaped window into the world of the Polygon Network. Through this fans can embark on adventures, complete quests and socialize with likeminded individuals, while engaging with the latest cutting-edge technology for bringing people together.

Anyone in possession of the tremendous Social Hub Pass will gain priority access to The Sandbox location, earn a share of $50k worth of $SAND and $BONDLY tokens, as well as be on the receiving end of three free airdrops, and a 10% discount on asset sales.

“Through Metaprints and the Social Hub activation we’re able to represent the Polygon brand in ways previously unavailable to us, using immersive brand storytelling and gamification” – Brian Trunzo – Polygon

Learn more about the Polygon Social Hub pass >> Here

Find out more about Metaprints >> Here


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