MetaMask to Add Support for NFTs

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MetaMask, a popular cryptocurrency wallet designed in the form of a browser extension, has unveiled its yet-to-be-launched in-app non-fungible token (NFT) extension.

“The elves in our workshop are putting the finishing touches on the collectables feature on Extension to be at parity with our mobile app,” MetaMask’s official Twitter account said on Tuesday.

MetaMask is a major non-custodial crypto wallet application that allows users to send and receive Ethereum (ETH)-based cryptocurrencies and tokens. The platform is estimated to have over 21 million users.

In their Zendesk server, MetaMask announced last week that users can add NFTs as custom tokens in the extension, but won’t be able to see them.

“We are actively working on improving NFT support in MetaMask Extension; it will be available soon, and this information will be updated when it becomes available. For the time being, to manage your NFTs via MetaMask, please use MetaMask Mobile,” it said.

However, it noted that MetaMask Mobile currently displays NFTs “under the NFT tab.”

It also detailed that they are deriving their data from the major NFT marketplace OpenSea.

In late September, social media giant Twitter announced its plans to allow the integration of its users’ accounts with their NFTs.


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