MetaMask Partners with Asset Reality to Empower NFT Scam Victims

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In wake of announcing Coinbase Pay onto the platform, self-custody wallet MetaMask has now signed a new strategic partnership deal with Asset Reality, an end-to-end solution for recovering, managing and accessing seized NFTs and crypto assets. As the premise of each party involved suggests, the partnership will enable MetaMask users who become victims of digital asset scams to access the investigational services of Asset Reality, who’ll take on the heavy judicial lifting and increase their likelihood of an asset recovery.

The way the joint initiative will work is rather straightforward, as when a MetaMask user becomes aware of their account being compromised or a loss of funds (typically through a scam of the phishing sort), they will be able to contact MetaMask support, who’ll then determine how the compromise was made, and provide any other information about the perpetrators, website, assets stolen etc. A MetaMask agent will then direct the user to open a case with Asset Reality through a page on MetaMask, where Asset Reality will take over communication with the user as it proactively investigates the case whilst keeping them updated. 

Although the service provided by Asset Reality will be free of charge, users may need to cover the costs of any recovery actions which make economic sense to take. That being said, through data on each scam being aggregated, Asset Reality will try and congregate all victims of similar or the same scams, where from there, a single recovery effort for a large pool of victims can take place, courtesy of the two firms. Through this scheme, a larger investigation can be built, with the likelihood of achieving an asset recovery being a lot higher than if each party was to independently investigate.

The support service will be on offer to all of MetaMask’s global users, with access being available through the support page within MetaMask. 

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