MetaMask Offers Boon to iPhone Users with Apple Pay Integration

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Market leading crypto wallet, MetaMask, has unveiled a set of game-changing upgrades for iPhone users. Most notably, the ability to effortlessly buy crypto directly using the Apple Pay system.

In order to increase the buying power of the average iPhone user, MetaMask has upgraded its IOS offering. Going forward, Apple users will no longer rely on third party exchanges to buy their delicious coin. Now, they can buy directly using the credit or debit card attached to their Apple Pay account.

MetaMask has launched the new compatibility through both the Wyre and Transak gateways. Thus, enabling users to interact with the blockchain in over 60 accepted world currencies. All the while, experiencing additional benefits through lower gas fees, of which, MetaMask has revealed it will take no profit from the accrued transaction costs.

📣 MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 is LIVE with some exciting updates:

Buy crypto on iOS with Apple Pay (@sendwyre), more transparency when interacting with sites, & support for gasless transactions where relevant.

Does it get any better? Yes it does! We now have dark mode! 🌑


— MetaMask 🦊💙 (@MetaMask) March 28, 2022

Furthermore, to cater for the vampires and night dwellers among us, MetaMask has finally launched its dark mode for iPhone users. Now, those compelled to live in darkness and shun the light can save their retinas from the blinding brightness of the default setting. The grand new feature will apply automatically based on the user’s device preference.


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