Metamall is building a virtual shopping mall in the metaverse

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MetaMall is a hybrid of Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and NFT technology that will build a virtual shopping mall in the metaverse. The mall will be built to the highest architectural standards and will provide visitors with an immersive VR experience. It is an immersive retail and social interaction place built on the foundations of VR, AR, and blockchain technology.

Metamall’s goal is to promote social and economic interactions in a virtual environment. “Users will be able to conduct their social connections electronically rather than buying on a single retailer’s website.

MALL is the native utility token to charge visitors to enter the universe, pay for special virtual reality experiences, swap NFTs on the platform, pay for property rentals, update and improve avatar properties, and even buy metaverse items.

Metamall wants to bring innovative VR experiences to life and give users something unique, memorable, and thrilling to take away. The conception of the Metamall metaverse is similar as a spaceship with many zones. Each of which allows for a particular type of experience.

The Metamall metaverse wallet is available and serves as a secure storage location for hijacked keys. For ultimate ease when utilizing the Metamall platform, users perfer a web3 wallet compatible with many currencies and capable of quickly safeguarding NFTs.

Moreover, one of the primary sources of revenue for the MetaMall universe will be advertising. Indeed, all assets and experiences are available for commercial usage. For instance, sponsored music may be playing in the background, walls could display VR advertising and literature. Or the entire mall could be enlighten with unique lighting.

As a result, the mall owners will receive their share of the advertising fees, in accordance to the percentage of ownership. All advertising fees will be in MALL tokens, and the owners will be rewarded with the same tokens.


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