MetaKawn is a new NFT project in the metaverse

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MetaKawn, the new NFT project inspired by Islamic values and social ethics, is now live. MetaKawn is the first metaverse for the generation of modern Muslims in the ecosystem.

The NFT project bridges the gap between Muslim content creators

By ensuring justice and direct connection with the community. The NFT project bridges the gap between Muslim content creators and their followers. Othmane Meziane, a versatile entrepreneur, and Youssef Tazi, a marketing specialist, created MetaKawn.


“It’s fascinating to watch how Blockchain and NFTs are starting to reinvent and innovate every area of our lives,” Othmane says. One of the most significant revolutions will be in the area of employment and revenue streams, particularly for Content Creators. When I consider all of the tremendous abilities in the Muslim community. I can only imagine what we can accomplish if we all work together! ”

“MetaKawn’s objective is to illuminate the story of Islamic culture,” stated Youssef, CMO, who believes in the power of blockchain technology. As a platform based on Islamic social ideals. We seek to provide equal value to everyone, no matter where they are born, their faith, or their skin color. We will prioritize culture, especially for people of Muslim ancestry.”

MetaKawn will start by launching its first NFT collection

MetaKawn’s first NFT collection, dubbed the HUFFAZ, will be released as part of the NFT initiative. The inspiration for this concept came from the concept of the HUFFAZ. Who protected Islam values by preserving the Quran since its inception. The Huffaz collection includes 6,348 unique NFTs that represent a generation of modern Muslims. Both men and women, and has a wide range of applications.

Rare categories will be available in the HUFFAZ NFT collection, which will be backed by community leaders: the MetaKawn Ambassadors Huffaz. In the next days, six ambassadors from various fields will be announced. In addition the ambassadors’ goal is to enhance their relationships with their audiences by giving exclusive perks through the use of NFT and blockchain technology.

Holders of Huffaz will be members of the MetaKawn Huffaz Club. The exclusive members will receive private NFT drops, have access to VIP events (both real and virtual). In addition be the first to hear about new releases. Members of the Club can also vote on brand-related issues and provide feedback on how KawnFund supports creators and charitable projects.


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