MetaBrewSociety – Own and Govern a Brewery Via NFTs

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Forward thinking Munich-based company MetaBrewSociety (MBS) is set to leverage NFTs in order to offer voting rights to its DAO members on decisions made in a physical brewery. Formed in February of this year by a group of NFT and beer enthusiasts, MBS ultimately combines the wonders of beer, the metaverse, DAOs, and NFTs, to create experiences and avenues of ownership which possess utility in both the physical and digital realms. 

Voting rights will come through the distribution of ‘beer share certificate‘ NFTs, which will each provide varying levels of governance across decisions made in a physical brewery in Munich,  as well as decisions made in future metaverse Land plots (with The Sandbox rumoured to be a potential location). The decisions made will be with regards to brewery methods, pricing (to NFT holders and non-holders), and distribution strategy. 

A total of 6,000 NFTs will be rolled out in two stages, with the first being given to whitelisted members at TBA date and price. Once 75% of the NFTs have been minted, MBS will complete the purchase of an existing brewery, which will then allow it to change its name to ‘MetaBrewery,’ as well as form a DAO that will consist of NFT holders.

The revenue gained from the NFT mint will go towards the purchase and expansion of the brewery, the hosting of NFT-holder festivals and events, and the allowance for each NFT holder to receive at least 100 free cans of beer per year. Here, holders will most likely be airdropped beer allowance via separate NFTs, so they can essentially sell their beer if they don’t plan on consuming it. 

With regards to MBS’s presence in the metaverse, it’ll seek to leverage the emerging virtual space in order to increase its exposure, whilst also using it as an online shop for its future beer ranges.

The project is also not ruling out the prospect of purchasing a second brewery, which can be facilitated through the roll-out of more NFTs.


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