prepares the official launch of P2E game MetaKrypton

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The second GameFi of the Metaverse Games platform, MetaKrypton, will launch on 22nd February 2022. This Play2Earn game uses Binance Smart Chain technology to follow the story of Metaverse Miner.

By expending stamina and exploring to unknown interstellar areas, players can mint Starship, obtain numerous beautiful Starship NFTs, and obtain enough key energy in the game.

MetaKrypton offers a number of gameplay options to help gamers earn money. Earning in a variety of ways in the game. Such as as a captain of a starship embarking on their own expedition, the NFT market, and so forth.


Bulid Starship

You must own at least one spaceship as a captain. Players need original materials $KR(Krypton) and $TI(Titanium) for the construction of starships.

In the world of MetaKrypton, CT (Heavy Transportation), CE (Heavy Exploration), and CC (Heavy Cruiser) are the three sorts of Starship NFTs, and each may mine different resources. Moreover with $KR and $TI, players can create their own spacecraft based on their favorite starship.

Explore on Metaverse

Mining rich resources is the goal of all captains in the face of diminishing resources. After constructing the spacecraft, the player must embark on a voyage of starship exploration. Different starships investigate different resources, but the commander must plan ahead for the consumption of starship sailing.

First and foremost, sufficient $HY, which is the most crucial resource for replenishing the captain’s physical power, the starship will not sail if the captain’s stamina is insufficient.

Secondly, the resource $KR needs to maintain the spacecraft from cosmic radiation, and to keep the starship in good working order. Moreover, it is necessary to claim each mining in a timely manner to prevent damage to the next mining.

NFT Marketplace

Starships are freely swapped, and each participant has their own strategy. Their starships will be sold on the marketplace for $META when they are no longer needed. Of fact, players who need starships urgently can use the trade marketplace to obtain them at a lesser cost at any moment, whether for construction or upgrade.


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