Meta underlined the significance of its long-term evolution

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It’s the dawn of a new era at the company formerly known as Facebook, and to truly establish its evolution into ‘Meta’. CEO Mark Zuckerberg today held an all-staff meeting to announce Meta’s updated values. In line with its new more forward-looking focus.

Metaverses have been for a long time, most notably in gaming. So there is a general idea of what a digital environment that mimics real-world interaction might look like.


However, Meta’s vision will try to build on what already exists while also adding new aspects. Making it difficult to predict whether and how all of these pieces will come together. As well as what function Meta will play in the larger structural framework, at this time.

Much of what Meta has described as their vision of the metaverse is actually virtual reality, with user avatars interacting in fully immersive digital environments.

Meta’s fully interactive VR world is still a fair way off

Though Meta’s fully interactive VR world is still a long way off, it looks fantastic. However, if that is Meta’s ambition, it is certainly on the right track. With sales of its Quest 2 VR headsets on the rise and Meta acquiring VR companies and developers in order to dominate the market.

Those visions, on the other hand, do not necessarily include augmented reality (AR). Moreover Meta is building new wearables and interactive devices, nor do they include other metaverse-related innovations like as bitcoin, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), developed AI, and so on.

Meta’s re-branding has put such focus onto ‘the metaverse’

All of these disparate elements will almost certainly play a role, but what’s most intriguing is how Meta’s rebranding has focused so much attention on ‘the metaverse’ as a broader concept that every developer in any tech space is now scrambling to add’metaverse ready’ to their tools and apps, even if they have no idea what’metaverse ready’ means.


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