Meta Storms Ahead with NFT Sharing on Instagram and Facebook

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Social media behemoth, Meta, has ramped up NFT sharing on its flagship products, Instagram and Facebook, opening up its long-touted token integration to all users in the United States. This comes in addition to enabling Instagram’s NFT capabilities to all 100 countries participating in the digital collectibles program.

Following the update, users within its covered locations can connect 1 of 5 different wallets to the service, with Metamask, Coinbase, Dapper, Rainbow and Trust wallets all supported in the program. Users can upload their coveted NFTs to Instagram and share them with their army of followers, while those located within the USA can also cross-post their assets onto their Facebook accounts.

The move comes following extensive testing from the Meta development team, including a pilot program that started back in May, then rolled out further afield in August. Now, as the social media demi-god pushes the boundaries ever onward, NFTs will become more accessible than ever before.

Despite the obvious support for the technology, Instagram has become a hotbed for nefarious activity in the NFT sector, just last month seeing its security protocols circumvented when The Sandbox saw its account hacked. So, before aping in with wild abandon, make sure to take to Instagram with a hot-wallet containing no significant items or funds.


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