Meta Game Hub Launches Handy Metaverse Land Appraisal Tool

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The smart folk over at Meta Game Hub (MGH) have launched the latest version of their handy metaverse land appraisal tool, allowing would-be real estate traders to quickly and easily assess that potential acquisition.

This latest iteration allows users to gauge virtual real-estate on both Decentraland and The Sandbox, enabling collectors to search both on token ID and asset coordinates. The result will then give a ballpark figure as to the current value of the item, taking into consideration factors such as size and locale. Additionally, it will provide the lowdown of the collection as a whole, with a reported floor price and 24-hour volume.

Our Land Valuation Tool V1.5 is online! 🔥

Get deep #Metaverse insights:
✔️ Life sales tracker
✔️ Watchlist
✔️ Portfolio integration

Constantly adding value with our partners @TheSandboxGame and @decentraland 🚀

Try it👇

— MetaGameHub DAO (@MGH_DAO) May 10, 2022

Interestingly, MGH’s land valuation tool will display results in three different currencies, each representing the ETH, USDC and the platform utility token estimates. However, these three values do not necessarily correlate, so keep a beady eye out to get the best bargain possible.

Furthermore, MGH also offers a portfolio tracker and a watchlist to compliment the tool. Thus, enabling users to keep tabs on multiple plots at once, as well as their own personal assets. However, the system requires a connected wallet to make use of the service.

Currently, the platform supports Decentraland and The Sandbox items. However, word on the street says that Otherside integration is on the horizon.

Try out the tool >> Here


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