Meta Enables NFT Cross-Posting Between Instagram and Twitter

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The Meta Media goliath has continued trundling onward towards its inevitable Web3 goal. Now, giving select users the ability to cross-post NFTs between their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Through the new update, Meta has initially enabled the functionality to participating users in the USA. Essentially, testing out the feature in a live environment before rolling it out to the wider world and providing ample time to iron out any potential issues that may arise.

Now, those taking part in the test can share their NFTs simply and effortlessly between the two platforms. All the while, only requiring a single wallet connect to either of the social media applications. What this means for the user, is that the wallet credentials will span the Meta ecosystem and facilitate its plans to add interoperability within its wider suite of metaverse services.

We’re introducing the ability to post digital collectibles across @facebook and @instagram. You can now connect your digital wallet to either app to share your #NFTs on both.

What NFT are you excited to share? 👀

— Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) August 29, 2022

Over the last year, Meta has continued exploring avenues into the Web3 ecosystem by first launching its own NFTs, before beginning to add the technology to its existing social media empire, with the Ethereum, Flow and Polygon blockchains all featuring in its grand plans. As a result, the billion-dollar team will continue to carefully roll out its NFT integration in very calculated and piecemeal fashion.

Read the full announcement >> Here


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