Meta Drivers is unveiling its F1-themed NFT collection in the metaverse

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The Meta Drivers project, which is set to launch this week after months of work, will undoubtedly pique interest due to its racing-oriented DNA. As well as what it has to offer beyond the simple purchase of NFT art.

Meta Drivers is an initial collection of 6666 NFTs showing 3D racing drivers. F1 and the teams should embrace this universe with open arms. These items will not only be collectibles, but will also allow its owners to take part in exclusive Metaverse games. And events beginning in June. There will be chances to win prizes, which will be very appealing to any motorsports fan.

Meta Drivers doesn’t simply give away prizes to product collectors. The project contains a lot of different aspects, explained under the official Discord account.

The developers’ goal is to build and maintain an active community of motorsports enthusiasts. On which everything depends to bring the Metaverse’s imagined environment to life. As well as to engage NFT owners over the long term by “hoddling” their acquisitions rather than speculating wildly with them, particularly through possible prize winnings and actions driven by the project.

Real-life experiences

Meta Drivers is heading to the side of reality with its whimsical aim and the management of tangible events. It’s relying on the Ethereum protocol. Furthermore, the project hopes to have a big impact, so customers will be able to donate $100,000 to a charity committed to road safety or fund a young driver for a professional karting season.

The NFT Meta Drivers collection is to be released soon. Moreover, users can stay up to date by joining the dedicated Discord account. Exclusive graphics, regular information about the products, their use, actual and virtual events, and a community energized by interviews with motorsports stars can all be found there.


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