MESH Art Fair to Light up Metaverse Art Week – NFT Plazas

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As a part of the highly anticipated Decentraland Metaverse Art Week, MESH (Vueltta’s brainchild) is preparing to host a groundbreaking art fair for Metaverse, 3D, and virtual reality creators. Opening its doors on July 19-23, the event aims to connect talented digital artists through virtual creative studios.

‘MESH Edition 1.0’ is destined to be one of the art week’s major highlights, with this year’s theme being ‘Low Poly, High Art’, presenting out-of-the-ordinary creative expressions by merging polygon visuals with highly innovative masterpieces. 

Show your work at MESH, the art fair for 3D, metaverse and VR creators
@decentraland July 2023

MESH Open Call for Artists is now OPEN

Discover the leading galleries and collectors taking part – and apply here →

— MESH | Art Fair (@MESHfair) May 2, 2023

Outstanding Opportunities for Virtual Artists

Representatives behind MESH, including blockchain curators and art collectors, will cherry-pick forty artists to partake in the event, all of which will be given a 12m x 12m virtual cube to unleash their creative flairs however they wish through their expressive virtual installations. These cubes resemble traditional canvases installed throughout Decentraland’s Metaverse Art Week

Among the panel, Kate Vass — the founder of Kate Vass Galerie and k011 — will judge artists integrating AI into their creators. Vass’s favorite artists will then gain the privilege of minting their work on her curated platform. Furthermore, Johhny Dean Mann, the co-editor of, and Quirate + Ornelas will carefully choose their preferred artists on the Tezos blockchain, who will then win the prize of being featured in Tezos 1 of 1 event the same month. Six of the best revolutionary MESH submissions will also showcase at the NFT Show Europe, July 14-15. 

Not only will all chosen artists gain exposure throughout the Web3 world, they will also join the ranks of MESH OGs and have the unique opportunity to explore new tools and avenues for boosting their creative visions and pioneering new pathways in virtual artistry. 

July is undoubtedly an exciting month for digital Web3 artists. The anticipation of the MESH Decentraland Metaverse Art Week proves that the future of art is here, and it’s more inventive and revolutionary than one could imagine. 

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