Merge Mania Moves into phase two!

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Jan 17 · 4 min read

It’s the second stage of our Merge Mania event!

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Our second event period starts on January 17th at UTC 03:00 and runs for one month until February 14th UTC 03:00. What a way to welcome valentine’s day!

We’ve taken a snapshot of the 1st winners chunk and are busy validating the winners, with an aim to send out winning wallets PLA within 7 Days. So don’t worry if you checked the rankings and saw the numbers reset. It’s all part of the plan.

This is the second chance for you o win big with Merging PlayDapp NFT, good luck!

Merge those R Grade NFT into more useful NFT and climb the leaderboards to get yourself some awesome amounts of PLA! We’ll be giving out two chunks of PLA. Jump straight to the event — click the banner below.

Need a refresher on Event Merge?

What is Event Merge? — The basics.

With Event Merge, you can win some serious prizes! You can turn 2 R grade NFTs into one SSR, grade NFT which can go straight to earning you PLA with Staking and weekly PVP in Along with the Gods. You can also get your hands on two SR, which gets you two-thirds of the way to earning Daily PLA with staking in Along with the Gods. Best of all, each Event Merge has a 25% chance to return you 2 R grade NFTs, meaning you have a real chance to stay even.

Full details on Event Merge can be found here:

Event Merge is back! With some awesome extras!

For just 1 PLA earn yourself powerful NFT ready for P2E gaming!

The main event- Our second month of Merging with 200 winners and over thousands of PLA to be won!

Become the Kings of Event Merging 👑

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This is the second chunk of Merge Mania! Every merge made from now, for one month counts! So merge up and get yourself a sweet boost of PLA!

For every Event Merge you make you’ll be given a ranking point. The more merges you do, the more Merge Points you’ll be given.

The second event period starts on January 17th at UTC 03:00 and runs for one month until February 14th UTC 03:00. What a way to welcome valentine’s day!

We have 500 PLA ready to be given out to the number one merger, 300 PLA to our second place and a cool 200 PLA to third! We’ve also got rewards stretching all the way down to 200th place. You’ve got plenty of chances to grab some PLA! Check the full rewards table below

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You can enter as many wallet addresses as you want, however only one verified email address will be valid, and we’ll automatically choose the wallet address with the highest number of Event Merges.

Making it even easier, the PlayDapp MarketPLAce will track all your merges automatically, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than merging away!

You can check your standing in the King of Merging event on our Rankings page, just click the URL below.

Event recap:

  1. Only Event Merge merges count toward your rank
  2. Event two period: January 17th UTC 03:00 until February 14th UTC 03:00.
  3. One verified email per entry, you can merge from any linked wallet but only the highest merge count wallet will be entered.
  4. In event of a tie, the earlier merge wins.
  5. Rewards for each period will take 7 days of validation before being paid.
  6. Final winners will be announced via PlayDapp’s blog.
  7. Obvious manipulation of the marketplace, eg creating multiple emails with distinguisher will result in removal from rewards.
  8. Reward PLA will be on the Polygon network.

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