Merge Cube is developing a bespoke metaverse experience

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Merge Cube, an official Microsoft partner, is working with the virtual learning platform whose intellectual property is behind a trilogy of films. As well as NFTs, a TikTok series, and a bespoke environment in The Supernatural University.

The Supernatural University Experience (SUE) and its first official partner, Microsoft Merge Cube, were announced today by Fandomodo Films, LV-223, and Liquid Studios Entertainment. Indeed, the University IP will give rise to NFTs, a film trilogy, and a bespoke Sandbox metaverse setting.

At the heart of this immense virtual environment in the metaverse is a one-of-a-kind online university that concentrates on the unexplained, offering diplomas in cryptozoology, UFOlogy, conspiracy, and the paranormal. Microsoft will develop a Supernatural University-branded Merge Cube. It will be integrated into the full experience, including as a virtual learning tool in each of the metaverse classrooms.

Furthermore, it will house 3D graphics and bespoke filters based on SUE animals and characters. In addition, the AR/VR product will play an important role in SUE’s first feature film.

18-month waiting list.

The school now has an 18-month waiting list for enrollment. Its faculty includes world-renowned psychic medium and paranormal expert Mark Anthony. As well as a number of other experts in each discipline.

“I wanted to create a gathering place where people from all over the world could study the unexplained traditions and mysteries that exist in all civilizations,” said Zach Thomson. He is president of LV-223 and co-creator and producer of The Supernatural University (Finite Water).

The Supernatural University Experience will establish its first campus in the Sandbox Metaverse in collaboration with Women of the Metaverse (WOTM). It’s a creative studio and development incubator by Amanda Archer and Farah Selena that encourages female Web3 companies.

“This NFT initiative is wonderful because it puts the community first,” Van Dorn Rice stated. “It’s really satisfying to be a member of a community that shares the same passions and interests. The Supernatural University universe was established for the fans, and the NFT project is another step.”


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