Melanie Martinez Launches Debut NFT Collection “CyberBaby Toy Shop”

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Platinum recording artist Melanie Martinez is launching her very own NFT collection. As the latest celebrity to join the NFT ecosystem, the multi-faceted creative has unveiled her first-ever NFT drop, modeled after her own beloved collection of stuffed animals.

Set to go live today, Jan. 27 at 6:30 p.m. ET via MakersPlace, “CyberBaby Toy Shop” will feature five stuffed animal collectibles. Consisting of four animates limited editions, four still open editions, an open raffle, and an auction, this project was created to share Martinez’s passion for vintage toys while giving her beloved animals everlasting life on the blockchain.

Cyberbaby Toy Shop by Melanie Martinez!

🔥 Get ready for a virtual event in @decentraland for all buyers of the Drop WITH @melanielbbh HERSELF 🔥

Drop is carbon offset via @withaerial

Preview and get ready here, drops 01/27 @ 3:30 PM PST

— MakersPlace (@makersplaceco) January 27, 2022

A songwriter, producer, filmmaker, visual artist, and more, it seems it was only a matter of time till Martinez took a journey down the rabbit hole into the weird wide world of NFTs. With this, her debut drop, Martinez has personally designed five characters outfitted for a futuristic nursery with an enchanting sinister twist.

“Vintage stuffed animals have been there for me for over ten years, carrying the energy of ghosts who once loved them,” Martinez said in a statement. “These fluffy handmade creatures were all created purely to invoke joy in people’s lives. I dedicate these animations to other like-minded, vintage toy nerds who share the same affinity!”

“CyberBaby Toy Shop” features the aptly named “Smoking Swan,” “Claustrophobic Teddy Bear,” “Dairy Cow Mother,” “Emo Elephant,” and “Narcissistic Duck.” Purchase of any piece within the drop, animated or still, will grant collectors access to a virtual event with Martinez in Decentraland. In addition, collectors will also receive special access to ticket pre-sales for her next tour, making this a desirable drop for any of Martinez’s millions of fans.

In considering her fanbase, and the debate surrounding blockchain-created carbon emissions, Martinez has made the decision to offset her collection using Aerial — a sustainability platform that calculates the carbon emissions based on associated energy use. The offsets will be allocated to high-quality forest conservation projects verified by the American Carbon Registry and are sure to give peace of mind to those conflicted about the potential environmental impacts that NFTs may present.

To learn more about “CyberBaby Toy Shop,” visit Martinez’s MakersPlace collection page.

Photos courtesy of Melanie Martinez and MakersPlace.


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