MegaDoge launches a new metaverse blockchain game

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MegaDoge ($MegaDoge) aims to create an efficient and profitable metaverse (MegaVerse) featuring multiple play-to-earn games that offer players diverse money-making strategies.

These Mega Games help all gaming aficionados and crypto investors in the ecosystem. While also tempting traditional investors to participate in the burgeoning blockchain-based gaming business.

MegaDoge, unlike other NFT gaming platforms, allows users to earn money without having to devise intricate methods or purchase eggs to hatch. Because the MegaVerse’s gaming principles are to rely more on luck than talent. Even newcomers will be able to make money.


MegaDoge developers are working on MegaKingdom

MegaKingdom, a fun-to-earn blockchain-powered game that will be the first in the MegaVerse ecosystem, is currently in development by MegaDoge. The MegaDoge Metaverse begins with the groundbreaking P2E game.

MegaDoge will release hundreds of immersive, simple. And entertaining games in the next few months, which will allow players to compete and earn rewards in the emerging metaverse.

The 20k $MegaDoge Airdrop is Coming Soon!

The MegaDoge team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its airdrop. Which will provide users with 20,000 $MegaDoge tokens.

Participants can sign up before the airdrop ends on February 5, 2022, with winners being revealed on February 10. The MegaDoge team will award 500 $MegaDoge ($250) to each of the top 10 referrers, while 1500 qualified participants will earn 10 $MegaDoge ($5) each.

By clicking the MegaDoge Airdrop Bot and fulfilling all tasks, crypto enthusiasts can participate in the airdrop. Participants must join the project’s Telegram group and channel, follow its Twitter page, and RT the pinned post with three friends as part of the necessary assignments.

Participants must also follow the MegDoge Instagram and Medium accounts, as well as join the MegDoge Reddit page and upvote the most recent post. Then, on February 20, 2022, users should enter their BSC wallet address and wait for the token distribution to winners.

Earn Passive Income with MegaDoge Smart Staking and Farming

The MegaDoge gaming platform’s clever Staking and Farming feature allows investors to produce passive income streams.

Become a staking member and receive rewards when the Mega protocol adds a new block to the network. When block validators create new currencies, holders that stake more tokens will earn bigger rewards.


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