Megadeth Reveals Metal-Thrashing Plans to Up its Web3 Game

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Fresh off the back of a new studio album, legendary thrashers, Megadeth, have announced a brand new NFT collection. As a result, bringing the iconic Vic Rattlehead to life through a wild series of digital memorabilia.

Over the years, the pioneering metal outfit has had a history of championing the latest technology. In fact, it famously launched the first-ever band website in 1994, and a VR experience back in 2016. Now, as the technological wheels keep turning, Megadeth will cross over into the world of Web3.

So far, Megadeth has hinted at gamified elements within its Web3 ecosystem, as well as providing the ultimate connection between the band and its legions of loyal fans. Furthermore, according to reports, the initial offering will arrive in the shape of their iconic flag bearer, Vic Rattlehead. All set to debut later in the year based on artwork inspired by almost 40 years’ worth of heavy metal mayhem.

#RATTLEHEADS… Here We Come. Follow @rattleheadsnft now.

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) September 13, 2022

Interestingly, a quick tour of the project website reveals links for both OpenSea and the Wax-based platform, Atomic Hub. Two NFT marketplaces that, for now, do not have cross chain compatibility. So, either a double-pronged approach is on the cards, or they know something we don’t!

Those with an interest in thrash metal NFTs can join the ‘Dethlist’ right now!

Check out the website >> Here


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