Mechanical beings come to life in the first-ever play-to-earn game designed for smartphones and integrated with Terra

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When most people think of the metaverse, the words “virtual reality” follow shortly behind. However, the concept, which refers to a completely immersive digital environment, is much more than that, relying on a series of interconnected devices to craft and shape the world to the liking of the users, each of which requires an entry point into this new place of existence. Although broad in concept, the world has already experienced this bridging concept with the creation of the internet, the first iteration of the metaverse.

With the internet came the world of social media, gaming and shopping experiences, all of which could be pinpointed to a single device, the computer. The computer, which quickly became widespread, gave users a bridge to transport themselves into several digital experiences. While the computer was a revolution in its own time, the smartphone that followed brought these opportunities into an entirely new level of adoption.

Now, users expect their online touchpoints to be designed for mobile as most of these interactions now happen on their smartphones in an “on the go” experience. This is evident in both social communities and the sheer number of those interested in playing games on their phones. Addressing the same high-quality experience and convenience that users expect in the metaverse is RoboHero. The metaverse experience is being released as the first mobile play-to-earn game with metaverse integrated with the Terra (LUNA) blockchain.

To enable more players to enter this digital realm, the team shares,

“We aim to keep the entry threshold to a minimum! Watch to Earn allows you to gain funds and invest in your first duals. All you need to play is a phone, an app and some LUNA.”

In addition to experiencing this new dimension of the metaverse, RoboHero prides itself in providing users with the highest quality of gameplay. This mission makes itself evident in the storyline, fair competition and ability to earn funds through the tailored provision of decentralized finance (DeFi) tools. The team boasts partnerships with StarTerra, the gamified launchpad for projects on the Terra Luna chain and Gamerhash, a mining platform trusted by 670,000 players worldwide.

Advancing earning potential

The story of RoboHero begins in the year 31337, when a climatic catastrophe devastates both the environment and the human race as a whole. Although the future looked bleak, technological developments enabled the remaining machines to advance rapidly, enabling them to gain their own free will and intelligence. RoboHero then follows the storyline of these BioRobots – a type of mechanical living being. With feelings came a desire to improve world conditions, which, although successful, later resulted in the development of factions and a major right for life-giving Luna. It is with this background that players enter player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) gaming modes. 

In this metaverse, players can take advantage of land NFTs, the basis for battles between players. The advantage for landowners is a 5% stake from the LUNA pool, which will be collected before the beginning of the fight. Each of these areas will be eligible for purchase or sale through the provision of the RoboHero NFT market. NFTs will also make themselves present in the release of advertising billboards that users can purchase, rent out or sell for brands to advertise on. The proposition demonstrates mutual benefits, both for those able to earn passive income and brands looking to gain awareness.

More insights on RoboHero here

The earning aspect is perhaps the most valuable to any play-to-earn game. RoboHero made this a project focus through their refined model, better described as Perpetuum mobile. The model enables ROBO tokens to be given to players as rewards as part of a continuous cycle that will return these same coins. Therefore, as players use tokens for different tasks, a fraction will be burned, decreasing supply and increasing value. Game accounts will also be linked to a player’s Terra station wallet to ensure the transfer of tokens to each user’s wallet can occur with a single click as part of an instant payout system. Therefore, while users take advantage of the double reward system in PvP mode, they can receive the funds just as quickly.

Among the finest

Although RoboHero came into existence just a few months ago, the team has already reported several designers working on their finest in-game heroes and a 15% increase in the value of the Luna token.

To further ignite the excitement towards the upcoming launch, interested players can watch the first video trailer for the game. These actions, accompanied by continued game development and marketing strategies, are concluding phase two of the project’s official roadmap, with the seed phase and public initial decentralized exchange (IDO) sale taking place right now. The company is also preparing for a decentralized exchange (DEX) listing next.

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