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These days, it is not unusual to see iconic intellectual properties turned into NFTs. From Baby Shark to Pulp Fiction, many of our beloved franchises are getting the web3 treatment. 

Now, it seems that the teen drama ‘Mean Girls’ is next on the list, according to a recent trademark filing by Paramount, the company that owns the rights to it. 

The filings, dated September 7, 2022, show Paramount applying for two different trademarks. These trademarks cover ‘downloadable multimedia files containing artwork relating to the field of entertainment authenticated by non-fungible tokens’, crypto collectables, non-fungible tokens, and others relating to the Mean Girls brand. 

All these seem to point to Paramount trying to usher one of its most notable titles into the metaverse with an array of products. It is worth noting that one of the filings references software as a service that will be used for the transfer of crypto collectables and application tokens. 

Obviously, it is too early to tell what exactly the company is planning for this potential release but whatever it is, it will likely be very expansive. And given the enduring legacy of the franchise and continued popularity, it will likely be a success once launched.

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