McDonald’s filed a trademark for a metaverse restaurant

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McDonald’s is the latest large corporation to file trademark applications for virtual goods and services. Including virtual restaurants and cafes. This came as part of a growing trend of large corporations preparing for a potential wave of virtual reality markets led by Facebook’s parent company Meta and its envisioned virtual world, the metaverse.

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney whose company monitors new trademark registrations on a regular basis, was the first to reveal the applications on Twitter on Wednesday, citing ten McDonald’s applications.

“Running a virtual restaurant supplying real and virtual items” and “operating a virtual online restaurant offering home delivery” are among McDonald’s applications, which were published on February 4.

Within its virtual McCafe, it is also seeking the trademark “actual and virtual online concerts” and other entertainment services.

These applications come on the heels of Panera Bread’s trademark application for the “Paneraverse,”. Which includes downloadable virtual food and beverage products “for usage in virtual worlds,”. As well as NFTs and the option to purchase real things for delivery in the virtual world.

McDonald’s and Panera Bread are the latest firms to prepare for a potential virtual institution revolution. They are joining Nike, Walmart, and Sketchers. Which have all filed similar applications in the last three months.

“It’s evident that it’s coming when you see this critical mass of huge corporations submitting so many new trademarks,” Gerben told Forbes.

“I believe every brand you can think of will file these filings in the next 12 months,” Gerben said. Moreover, “I don’t believe anyone wants to be the next Blockbuster and entirely disregard new technology.”

In a statement to Forbes, George Hanson, the company’s chief digital officer, said; “Panera always strives to be at the forefront of technological advances”. “Whether it’s at our cafés or in the metaverse, we’re always searching for new ways to improve our clients’ experience.”


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