McDonalds Enters The Sandbox – NFT Plazas

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World-encompassing overlord of the fast-food era, McDonalds, has taken a bread-crumb coated leap into the Metaverse. For its voxel debut, it has partnered up with The Sandbox for a month-long celebration of the humble chicken McNugget.

Taking the form of its Hong Kong branch of operations, the new venture allows fans to explore the realm of the world-renowned franchise. Within its domain, they can take in sights such as a reproduction of a McDonalds, an art gallery, gaming arena, sky pool, and more! As a result, hungry folks can engage with the brand on a whole new level starting on July 20, and ending August 28.

Through the heady snack-filled adventure, fast-food fans must navigate their brightly colored surroundings to complete quests for a family of animated chicken McNuggets. Heading off on a technicolor journey that features such gloriously decadent challenges as put the nuggets in a box, catch the packets of assorted sauces, and climb the infernal obstacle course.

A Bevvy of Rewards Await Those that Take Part

For its inaugural experience, The Sandbox and McDonalds have prepared a range of saucy prizes for those taking part. As such, anyone completing all 14 quests will receive a free mystery box, and a share in a whopping 100k $SAND prize pool. Meanwhile, anyone completing at least one of the quests will receive a complimentary piece of memorabilia.

However, it’s those that reside in the tremendous city of Hong Kong that will really win big! Through a masterstroke of engagement, 10 lucky winners from the metropolis will receive 365 days of free chicken McNuggets. In addition to 10k prizes of a 6-piece extra value nuggets meal shared among those that make it past the first quest.

So, it’s time to hit up Deliveroo for a spot of take out, and chow down at the virtual McDonalds in the Metaverse.

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