Maxim Swaps Music for Fine Art with Epic NFT Drop

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Legendary Prodigy frontman and current high-flying artist, Maxim, has teamed up with and SnowcrashNFT. Now under the moniker MM, fans can join him on his journey as he combines the majestic with the macabre to produce something truly spectacular.

Through this stylish collaboration, MM has returned to his fearsome Lepidopterror series of artworks. His own imagined order of butterflies, that combines the often-elegant creatures with skulls and deadly weapons, resulting in a stark contrast between the fragile and the formidable, that catches the eye with its unique imagery.

The Lepidopterror is about to be released.@Maxim x @CryptocomNFT x @SnowcrashNFT collaborated to bring the #Metaverse a mind-bending butterfly #NFTCollection, created by one of your favorite musical legends. Stay tuned for the official drop on! 🦋 ⚔️ 🔥

— LepidopterrorNFT (@LepidopterrorMM) July 6, 2022

All in all, 888 Lepidopterror will flutter onto the marketplace, arriving in a flurry of activity later in the month, on July 27. Those present, will witness four unique designs, represented by 50 Royals, 50 Warriors, 50 Workers, and 738 Civilians making up the entirety of the Lepidopterror civilization.

As the story goes, on discovering the incredible healing properties of the magical golden pollen, they pledged to protect it from the villainous plight of the Clown Wasps. Now, forever standing guard to protect its goodness for the benefit of all insect kind.

“I am very excited about my upcoming Lepidopterror NFT Drop,” “I previously released NFTs as a collaboration with two other artist friends, but this is my first solo NFT drop and I can’t wait for it to be released. I am thrilled to be working with the Snowcrash Team as we have forged a great partnership.”– Maxim

Through this mighty triple collaboration, Maxim has designed the artwork, Snowcrash imbued it with the magic of NFTs, and will distribute it to 888 lucky collectors. Get ready to claim yours!

Head to the NFT marketplace >> Here


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