Mavis Hub Ushers in a New Wave of Axie Games with Greenlight

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Mavis Hub ticks off yet another milestone, setting a new standard for Axie Infinity game developers with its Greenlight initiative on its desktop app. Budding creators can now introduce alpha versions of Mavis Hub Axie games globally, with community members able to play and vote on their favorite up-and-coming releases.

Concurrent with the debut, Greenlight has begun teasing gamers with its first entrant: Culinary Wars and Mini Tri-Force. So, fellow Axie players, it’s time to partake in a whirlwind of new experiences and place your bets.

We’re thrilled to introduce Mavis Hub: Greenlight — a new initiative that will increase the number of Axie games on the Mavis Hub by adding a way for the community to vote on their favorite up-and-coming Axie Builder’s Program games.

• Play and vote for new Axie games on…

— Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) August 8, 2023

Greenlight’s Battle for Recognition 

Zooming out, Axie Builder’s Program has enhanced its ecosystem since initially launching in April 2022, undergoing numerous changes based on insights and feedback from its active user base. Now, Greenlight goes beyond being a platform simply introducing Mavis Hub Axie games. By enhancing its Axie Builder’s Program, gamers can expect a new era of exciting new gaming genres in the pipeline.

Developers must already be in the ‘beta’ stage to join Greenlight, to ensure all players have enjoyable and substantial gameplay experiences. Once the games undergo final touches, the creators can battle for a coveted position through the Axie Discord channel. Once being accepted into the new feature, developers can enhance their games’ global exposure and attract admiration from a loyal community of gamers.

Mavis Hub’s unwavering commitment, passion, and vision continue to propel the Axie universe to greater heights. Anticipation for the Axie Greenlight feature is high as Web3 gamers and developers eagerly await what’s next in store to vote for and play.

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