Mastercard Brings Safe and Secure Fiat Payments to the Web3 World

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Worldwide payment giant, Mastercard, has announced integration with a number of high-profile NFT platforms, bringing its trademark accessibility and security safeguards into the Web3 ecosystem.

As part of its new branch into the blockchain arena, Mastercard will work with a number of Web3-native firms, including; ImmutableX, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, Mintable, Nifty Gateway, Moonpay and Spring. This is in addition to its existing offering through Coinbase’s recently launched marketplace.

Through this exciting development any of the company’s 2.9 billion cards in circulation can be used to purchase non-fungible tokens. Therefore, enabling everyday folk to purchase art, gaming items, collectibles and metaverse goods via an established fiat payment infrastructure.

In addition to this world spanning accessibility, Mastercard also aims to bring stability to the non-fungible ecosystem by offering the same purchasing rights as those transacting in the physical world. As a result, collectors can navigate through participating platforms safe in the knowledge their funds remain secure.

The major upshot of this partnership will enable customers to purchase non-fungible goods with greater confidence and security. Meanwhile, Web3’s army of talented creators will gain access to a brand-new and enormous customer base.


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