Marvel Producer to Turn Ethereum-Based Huxley NFT Comics Into Film

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As recent events in the NFT space can confirm, such as the initiatives from the likes of IMAX and AMC theatres, there is relative familiarity around the concept of NFTs being launched to accompany a blockbuster movie premiere, or in celebration of an iconic film.

That being said, the space is not as acquainted with seeing the reverse of this, that is, seeing NFTs later manifest themselves as cinematic productions, however, Marvel producer Ari Arad is hoping to change this, through his endeavour to turn the post-apocalyptic tale of Huxley Ethereum NFT Comics into a feature film.

Arad is set to co-produce the film via his Arad Productions studio alongside Web3 production studio Feature. Jerome Chen, the co-founder of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Academy Award-nominated VFX supervisor has also been drafted in to help produce the film. 

Although the film’s cinematic trailer depicts a CGI animation aesthetic, it is yet to be announced whether Huxley will be an animated or live action production. The release date of the film is also TBA, however, what is confirmed is that in the lead up to the film’s launch, fans can expect to engage with a multitude Huxley-themed metaverse experiences.

Ben Mauro, who is the creator of the six-edition, blockchain-based Sci-Fi tale, is already well versed in the realm of cinematic productions, as he has worked on illustrious films such as The Hobbit and Elysium. As expected, Arad adds a wealth of value to the project too, as he has produced films such as Iron Man and Ghost Rider, as well as another entertainment adaption, the Uncharted movie (which is a game-to-movie production).

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