Mammoth Film Festival is giving out NFTs as awards

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Mammoth Film Festival partners with THiNK:NFT to offer filmmakers and festival goers a fully immersive NFT festival experience for their 2022 in-person festival. The Mammoth Film FestivalTM, founded by Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori in 2017. In addition is proud to announce that at their closing Sunday night awards presentation on February 6, 2022. Moreover they will be handing out NFTs to the winning directors and actors, making them the first film festival to do so.

In addition, through partners and IN.LIVE, the festival is now streaming live access in the Metaverse, giving digital consumers unprecedented access to a film festival.


Mammoth Film Festival is the new division of experiential media company THiNK:EXP

The new subsidiary of experiential media business THiNK:EXP, created by Pink Floyd saxophonist. In addition acclaimed technology entrepreneur Scott Page, is the Mammoth Film Festival 2022 NFT festival partner, THiNK:NFT. THiNK:NFT speeds the whole IP-to-NFT Experience by bringing together world-class talent, brands. Moreover artists to generate the best quality and ensure its long-term worth.

The THiNK:NFT team is resource-rich in software development, marketing. In addition distribution thanks to a group of strategic partners with extensive and specialized skills in technology, entertainment, sports, and the integrated arts. It is our policy to select our projects carefully. In addition to deal with their creators and fans with the respect they deserve.

THiNK NFT is a diverse group of master developers, strategists, game theorists

NFT Universe’s THiNK NFT consists of a broad group of master developers, strategists, game theorists, token economic specialists, and influencers who grow communities. To facilitate the most legendary NFT drops, the group collaborates with the most culturally significant NFT projects.

THiNK:NFT will present the Mammoth Film FestivalTM Closing Night Ceremony. And Awards Presentation at Canyon Lodge as part of the NFT activation at the 2022 event. Each filmmaker who wins the trademark physical festival 3-D Ice Glacier. As well, Festival Founder Tanner Beard and Graphic Artist Larry Soileau will develop a special NFT for the Film Reel prize. And transformed into evolved official minted NFTs by NFT designer Matteo Santoro, during this ceremony.

The award winners’ content will be hosted and shown on a free IN.LIVE site for each NFT. As the first film festival to ever give NFTs to its winners. In addition the rewards will be promptly deposited into the participants’ Metamask wallets.

Mammoth Film Festival Metaverse festival goers are able to experience the awards ceremony through Metaverse

Mammoth Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Mammoth, California Through Metaverse partner and Live Streaming partner IN.LIVE. Metaverse festival visitors may experience live filmmaker panels, red carpets, events. Moreover the awards ceremony, enabling worldwide access in a never-before-seen method for a physical film festival.


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