Lucien Smith Aims to Cultivate Emerging Artists Through New SEEDS NFT Project

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Multitalented artist Lucien Smith is breaking into the NFT ecosystem. Having been named “the art world wunderkind” by the New York Times, the LA-based creative is set to drop his first NFT collection, SEEDS.

After a successful pre-sale of over 1,500 SEEDS NFTs in December, which saw Diplo and Joel Madden join the project as collectors, Smith’s full collection is set to launch today, Feb. 10 at 2 p.m. ET via the SEEDS website. Inspired by classic seed packets that Smith found in a hardware store in the Midwest, the SEDS collection features a total of 10,000 NFTs and is powered by leading art ownership platform Lobus.

SEEDS public sale FEB 10 2022.
Animation by Mythical

— Lucien Smith’s SEEDS Project (@seedsnftproject) January 29, 2022

According to Smith and the Lobus team, SEEDS is a project several years in the making. Originally conceived via watercolors and guided by the polymorphism of flowers, Smith says the growing NFT and digital art ecosystem was the catalyst behind his first collection.

As Director of Cultural Innovation at Lobus, Smith has leveraged the power of his platform to ensure that SEEDS isn’t your usual garden variety PFP collection (pun intended). The primary objective of the project, according to the team, is to unify the world and create a healthier future for all. As such, Smith has sewn a philanthropic mission into the fabric of the SEEDS project.

A portion of the sale of each SEEDS NFT will go to support Serving the People, a platform formed by Smith and dedicated to cultivating emerging artists and creators. Those who collect a piece from the SEEDS collection will gain access to the STP community and be granted the opportunity to purchase a painting signed by Smith, who has had his physical pieces exhibited and auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

“As an artist, and as the head of the Lobus Cultural Innovation Lab, I am excited about the potential of SEEDS to mark a new chapter in my work,” Smith said in a statement. “I’m also grateful for the opportunity to help nourish and support a community of artists for generations to come.”

Learn more about Smith’s first endeavor into NFTs via the SEEDS project website.

Photos courtesy of Lucian Smith and Lobus.


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