L’OFFICIEL and The Sandbox Launch Various Web3 Endeavours

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Centennial fashion and luxury media company L’OFFICIEL has inked a deal with The Sandbox to kick off an array of Web3 initiatives, including purchasing LAND in the virtual space, creating a magazine issue centered around the metaverse, and launching a Web3 celebration called ‘Metamonth’. 

L’OFFICIEL’s LAND in the The Sandbox, which is aptly dubbed ‘Fashion Dune,’ has been curated by Benjamin Eymère, the Chief Metaverse Officer of the company’s parental body AMTD group, along with the founders of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget. With a Mars-inspired aesthetic featuring gigantic historic covers of the Paris-born magazine, the virtual space will serve as an open-air exhibition and digital theatre, with its opening set to take place in September 2022 through a series of fashion and cultural exhibits.

Madrid and Borget will be the stars of the issue’s cover, where they will provide an array of insights into their metaverse and Web3 journey through an exclusive in-depth interview. The issue will also be dedicated to exploring luxury fashion from all corners of Web3, such as through crypto markets, the blockchain, and how the NFT market is disrupting the art world and prompting brands to reimagine their digital space strategies.

And finally, L’OFFICIEL’s Metamonth, a celebration of all things Web3 that leverages 32 in-language websites, print editions, and exclusive virtual and IRL events, was initiated on May 26th at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. It kicked off via the ‘Let’s Mint The Party’ event, which simultaneously signaled the start of the partnership between the two companies. 

Source: https://nftplazas.com/lofficiel-the-sandbox-web3-endeavours/

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