Lit Protocol Demonstrates Tech Through NFT-Controlled Tesla

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As the NFT industry hots up, more and more collectors are paying attention to what an asset does rather than what it looks like. So, in an outstanding display of utility, some madlad called Chris has hooked up his Tesla model 3 to an NFT.

This epic display of blockchain wizardry is made possible through the powerful Lit Protocol, a decentralized utility that enables unique access points to a whole world of experiences. Essentially, providing the tools to connect any remotely operated device to the blockchain.

Chris’s Tesla takes this impressive technology and hooks it up to an app deployed on Cloudfare. This then allows the platform to form a secure, double encrypted gateway to the controls the of car. So, to gain access, the user must connect a wallet containing the NFT to the app, otherwise it locks them out.

All in all, this neat NFT has the ability to lock and unlock the car, flash the lights, and start its engine, allowing all of the functionality to get in and go for a joyride. In total, 10k “Chris’s Tesla” NFTs exist, all currently belonging to the man himself, perhaps lining up an act of incredible revenge to an as yet unidentified nemesis.

Hook your own Tesla up to an NFT >> Here

Have a read of the Lit Protocol developer docs >> Here


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