Linktree Ups its Web3 Game with a Host of NFT Upgrades

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Hugely popular digital media launchpad, Linktree, has introduced a number of NFT-related upgrades to its platform, including OpenSea integration, NFT-gated access points and a brand-new NFT gallery feature.

As the tech minded Web3 world gains a foothold in the digital sphere, many big players are sitting up and taking notice. The latest platform to throw its considerable might in favour of the humble NFT comes in a Linktree-shaped digital ecosystem. Bringing with it, a host of new and incredible NFT dedicated upgrades.

Going forward, the esteemed platform will enable creators and collectors alike to display their non-fungible goods in a bespoke gallery. One that will additionally utilize a MetaMask and OpenSea connection to verify ownership of the displayed content. Furthermore, taking cues from Twitter, members can also display a profile pic NFT in a hexagonal frame while having the additional opportunity to also set an NFT background image.

We’re excited about the possibilities of #Web3 in creator empowerment 💪

Today we’re launching 3 new features that allow creators to elevate their Linktrees with Web3. We developed some of these features in partnership with @OpenSea 🤝


— Linktree (@Linktree_) May 17, 2022

However, the most interesting development by far comes in the guise of NFT-enabled gated access. An excellent new function where only the owners of specific NFT collections will have access to the goodness inside. As a result, those privileged few must connect up their wallet to prove NFT ownership before they can delve further.

So, much more interesting than a just a plain old profile pic, it looks like Linktree has gone that extra mile. Keep posted for the latest in Web3 innovation and NFT integration.

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