LG Embraces NFT Tech with ‘LG Art Lab’ Smart TV Application

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Korean electronics giant, LG, has become the latest high-profile manufacturer to incorporate NFTs into its services. Recently, it launched its own ‘LG Art Lab’ marketplace on its latest range of smart televisions.

Through the new application, LG owners in the USA utilizing WebOS 5.0 and above can access the service directly from the home screen and engage in the traditional buying, selling and trading of aesthetically pleasing digital assets. Additional access is provided through personal computers and smartphones.

Going forward, LG will offer a host of art-based NFT collectibles through its new marketplace, which collectors can purchase using LGs own smartphone-based crypto wallet, ‘Wallypto’. This feature provides an intuitive environment that operates without any required crypto knowhow.

LG Art Lab is excited to be the first of its kind, as a carbon negative NFT marketplace that integrates seamlessly on your mobile, desktop, and LG TV.

— LG Art Lab (@LGArtLab) September 3, 2022

LGs bold new direction comes in partnership with the lesser known Hedera Network. An energy efficient proof of stake blockchain that promises carbon negative transactions maintained at an approximate fee of $0.0001. A forward-thinking protocol that LG has cultivated close ties with since way back in 2020.

LG Art Lab is designed to allow millions of users in the U.S. to easily access and display NFTs, without having to interact with code or directly with a blockchain themselves.” – Chris Jo – LG Electronics

The move follows in the footsteps of fellow tech juggernaut, Samsung, who released their own NFT platform earlier in the year.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/lg-nft-tech-with-lg-art-lab-smart-tv-application/

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