Lexus Doles Out Personalized NFTs at its Exclusive Driving School

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Manufacturer of precision automata, Lexus, recently took a detour towards the way of the NFT. As a result, dishing out exclusive personalized tokens to graduates of its elite driver’s program.

Through an initial pilot, all those taking part in the ‘Lexus Performance Driving School (LPDS)’ received an additional digital keepsake, with each item tailored specifically to the drivers taking part in the incredible program. As a result, giving every attendee a brand-new way to remember their incredible racing experience.

The powerful new addition sees Lexus leverage state of the art technology from parent company, Toyota, resulting in a high quality, Polygon-based token that will keep a permanent record of the performance of each driver. It will also provide them with a bespoke 45 second video, as well as lap times, fastest speed and other core racing metrics.

Over the course of their incredible experience, each participant got to take control over several high-performance Lexus cars. Then, put them through their paces on the infamous and unforgiving Lagua Seca racetrack. All the while, negotiating its many exhilarating bends, including its deadly 10 story corkscrew turn.

Now the dust has settled, those in attendance can compare race statistics, and use their NFT to see who truly came out on top!


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