Legends Reborn Launch Venue Presale on Gala Games Store

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The first opportunity of ownership within the new and exciting collectible card game, ‘Legends Reborn,’ is now upon us!  Those on a quest to gain noble ownership Venues within the magical world of Tolkhiem can now do so via the recently launched Venue Presale.

The Venue Presale is taking place in the Gala Games Store. It launched on January 27th, and will be live for at least 48 hours. Venues of six different rare abilities will be available during the presale, with a huge 50% of their total supply being on offer. Along with their limited supply, Venues will also have different base prices which increase as every 10% of their supply gets snatched up, further prompting hopeful Tolkhiem real estate owners to act quickly. 

The following is the list of the Venues up for grabs in the presale, accompanied by their respective rarity and initial base price: Dive Tavern (Common) $1800, Upscale Tavern (Uncommon) $3500, Backwater Arena (Rare) $7000, City Arena (Epic) $15,000, Coliseum (Legendary) $60,000, Grand Coliseum (Ancient) $105,000. 

Legends Reborn is the new genre-defining CCG from Kung Fu Factory, featuring Battle-to-Earn mechanics and in-depth gameplay that rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. Players can use an endless amount of Creature, Hero, and Action card combinations to battle it out in the mystical Venues on offer in this presale. Along with hosting battles, Venue owners can also grow their fortunes through receiving a share of the rewards from the matches they host.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/new-ccg-legends-reborn-launch-venue-presale/

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