Ledger’s Genesis NFT Collection Sells Out in Less Than 24 Hours

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Ledger, the pioneers behind Web3’s most popular cold wallet, sold out its inaugural NFT collection in less than 24 hours. Titled ‘[ Ledger ] Market Passes – Genesis Edition,’ the collection was comprised of 10,000 assets, with each costing 0.3 ETH to mint.

The NFTs were minted on the ‘Ledger Market,’ a marketplace that is self described as the most secure platform for artists and brands to release their NFTs. This is because users can only access the marketplace via Ledger Live, a secured virtual ecosystem. Ledger aims to provide its community with the safest means for acquiring and storing digital assets in both the digital and physical realms. 

Through purchasing one of the NFTs, holders are eligible to receive a limited edition Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X cold wallet, which they can then use to safely store their digital assets such as crypto and NFTs. Perhaps just as importantly, ownership of a Market Pass NFT also comes with access to the platform’s upcoming NFT drops.

Here, collaborations with the likes of LVMH, RTFKT, and others, are rumored to be in development, whilst new NFTs from DeadFellaz and TAG Heuer are expected to be offered on the platform. The Ledger Market Pass NFTs are now available for secondary purchase on OpenSea. Each secondary sale will see Ledger collect a 7.5% royalty share. 

Source: https://nftplazas.com/ledgers-genesis-nft-collection-sells-out-in-less-than-24-hours/

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