LarvaLabs Secures CryptoPunks’ Long-Term Future

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Non-fungible pioneer, LarvaLabs, is looking to secure the decentralized future of its flagship project, CryptoPunks. To achieve this monumental goal, it is developing a new open-source platform that will allow the venerated Punks to live on indefinitely.

When LarvaLabs first released the now god-like Punks, they gave them away for free. Without writing royalties or secondary sales into the contract, effectively allowing for an unhindered P2P transfer experience. Ever since that initial drop back in 2017, the two man team have maintained a native punk trading platform. However, realizing their own mortality they understand that they require a more robust solution going forward.

Stage one of the master plan took place way back in Autumn when the CryptoPunks images were moved entirely on-chain. Now, development is underway for “CryptoPunks Market interface 2.0,” an entirely open-source, zero fee trading solution which will allow community input and code contributions, in addition to enabling users to fork and run their own nodes. This will help ensure the long-term independence of the blockchain’s most notorious NFT collection, the CryptoPunks.

Announcing a new open source, community-driven interface to the decentralized, zero-fee Cryptopunks market:

— Larva Labs (@larvalabs) December 23, 2021

The new upgrade is already up and running, with further functionality scheduled for migration at a later date. However, users must regard the new interface as in the “Beta” stage of production until testing is complete. For now, LarvaLabs will continue to maintain their original site in tandem with the new trading platform.

Check out the Cryptopunks Market interface 2.0 (BETA) >> Here


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