LandWorks Debuts New Passive Income Mechanism – NFT Plazas

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Game-changing Metaverse lending platform, LandWorks, has added an extra layer of passive income to its rental model. Starting from today, February 13, users can earn passive income from LandWorks billboards, essentially, allowing NFT owners to earn yield as soon as they list any assets on its platform.

LandWorks is an exciting protocol managed by EnterDAO that allows landowners to lease out their virtual property and earn income, currently operating alongside the Decentraland and Voxels Metaverses. Historically, the protocol has allowed landowners to lease out their property for a given period and earn income. Now however, it will also let them display advertisements on their Land, so that they can earn yield from the moment they list items on its platform.

LandWorks’ goal is to create new opportunities for Metaverse landowners, and it has partnered with Precision X to make this goal a reality. The platform cites two reasons why choosing Precision X as a partner made sense: firstly, the protocol truly believes in the imminent Metaverse future, which aligns with its vision; and secondly, Precision X has expertise in the advertising industry. The platform’s network expands among top brands and agencies, so LandWorks hopes this partnership can pull in Web2 businesses into the Metaverse. After all, there will be plenty of opportunities for these entities to host events that promote their products and even advertise through billboards on these rented parcels of Land.

LandWorks Will Activate Passive Earning on Listed Property

Starting on February 13, anyone listing their property on LandWorks will be eligible to earn passive income, even if no one has yet leased the piece of land. This is thanks to the ability to opt in to advertisements that can then be placed on a designated parcel.

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Advertisers can place billboards on a given property, and owners will then be compensated for each unique view of the advertisement. For each individual viewing the billboard, owners will receive 0.025 USDC. However, if they hold a Sharded Mind NFT, the reward will double, rising to 0.05 USDC. These rewards will accumulate and can be claimed at the end of each monthly period. However, those currently leasing property within the LandWorks ecosystem will need to opt in for the update to take effect.

Furthermore, to stop individuals from gaming the system, LandWorks will utilize Precision X to track each unique view. Essentially, ensuring that it records engagement for each new user that sees the billboard, regardless of the number of times they pass by.

From launch, the new earning and advertising options will only apply to the Decentraland Metaverse, however, more virtual worlds will adopt the initiative at a later date.

All in all, LandWorks offers an ingenious way to empower its community offering landlords an additional layer of monetization, while advertisers have the opportunity engage with this immersive new Web3 ecosystem.

Find out more about LandWorks passive income initiative >> Here

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