Land Ahoy! Prime Illuvium Real-Estate is on the Way!

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The grand machinations of the long-awaited Illuvium project continue to gather momentum. It’s latest incredible milestone bringing prime real-estate into the equation.

The hugely anticipated Illuvium land sale will take place over a three-day period starting from 1pm UTC on June 2. During this time, interested parties can acquire one of 20k plots of land over five different degrees of scarcity. Each item provides important utility within the new desktop and mobile companion game, Illuvium: Zero.

🌌 Illuvium Universe Land Sale 🌌

💥5 Tiers of Finite Land Plots
💥Own and Earn on Your Slice of #illuvium
💥Extract Fuel for Use in Illuvium Games
💥Scan Your Land for #illuvial Blueprints
💥Illuvium: Zero Mobile Companion Game

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— Illuvium (@illuviumio) April 15, 2022

Would-be landowners can acquire parcels via the official Illuvidex marketplace, with tiers one to four taking place via a Dutch auction with starting prices ranging from 2 to 80 ETH. Each auction will occur once per hour in batches of 278 and lasting two hours each. All the while, prices will reduce at a rate of 2.5% per minute. Those with designs on the top tier however, must run the gauntlet of a three-day English style auction where the highest offer wins.

All in all, over a series of events, Illuvium will launch a grand total of 100k individual land parcels, each of which will generate fuel and elements to enable owners to monetize and develop their property, as well as hiding concealed blueprints which open up new crafting opportunities.

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