Lamborghini Breaks New Ground in ‘The Epic Road Trip’ Adventure

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Purveyor of automotive excellence, Lamborghini, has launched into a heart pounding, high octane journey into the NFT space, traversing the wild climes of the blockchain on an 8-month space-themed odyssey, culminating in an epic unveiling the likes of which the world has never seen. Those present will witness an unshrouding of the latest incredible designs to come out of the Lamborghini workshop.

For its latest non-fungible escapade, Lamborghini has teamed up with Web3 experts NFT PRO and INVNT Group, the global digital innovation division of INVNT Group, leveraging their collective knowhow to race into the exceptional world of collectable NFTs as they deliver ‘The Epic Road Trip’ to the blockchain.

Through their combined efforts, this formidable trio will embark on a terrific journey of collectable tokens, fine automobiles, and mesmerizing art. This will all lead up to a mighty surprise next March when the exciting project comes to a close.

Eight Months and 32 Excellent NFTs

Beginning this August and continuing through until March 2023, Lamborghini will deliver four NFTs per month, three of which will represent silver tier items of unlimited supply costing $196.3 apiece, while a 4th and final gold tier NFT restricted to 63 items will retail for $1,963. The number 1,963 represents a quiet nod to the genesis of Lamborghini’s operation which started that year.

Each month’s NFTs will be available for a 24-hour period only, taking place over four consecutive days. Upon collecting all of the month’s silver-tiered items, owners will qualify for a silver puzzle piece, while additionally bagging the elusive 4th NFT will result in a coveted golden piece of the jigsaw.

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Unlocking the Mysteries Within

All in all, Lamborghini has challenged ‘The Epic Road Trip’ participants to collect all eight pieces of the puzzle, which in turn will unlock a series of excellent holder benefits. As such, they will receive a fine Lamborghini wallpaper for each puzzle piece collected.

Then, a digital artwork by the Lamborghini Centro Stile for collecting two consecutive pieces, while the first four gold jigsaw parts will net the owner a special tour of the Lamborghini headquarters. They will all form the complete set, silver or gold, which will qualify holders for the as yet unrevealed new Lamborghini design.

So, gear up for a whole host of petrol-fuelled NFT adventures and get ready to take The Epic Road Trip of a lifetime!

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