Lady Ape Club NFT- The Female Companions of the Bored Apes

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Although assuming gender is a practice that requires diligence in this day and age, it’s fair to say that the notorious apes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) appear to be of the male variety. With this assumption in mind, it’s surely time for the girls to step in and take the lead, which is why the art team of TNC Group have curated the Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT project. 

The Collection

Although not affiliated with Yuga Labs, the collection essentially stands as the reverse of the BAYC collection – in facial orientation and gender terms that is. As with its male counterparts, the collection consists of 10,000 female apes that each feature unique facial expressions, different accessories, and extraordinary colourful garments. 

The project’s synergy with the ever successful Yuga Labs also extends into the abstract qualities of the assets, as similar to NFTs under the Yuga Labs umbrella, holders will have full ownership and commercial use rights over their LAC NFTs.

The Distribution and Sales of LAC NFTs

On July 18th, 9,000 LAC NFTs sold out within 4 hours on the STRMNFT marketplace. 90 special apes were then auctioned on STRMNFT, with all selling out by the next day.

To ensure equality and to spread the word of the Bored Ape’s new female companions, part of the remaining 910 assets will be allocated to different community members. Ten will be given to LAC creators, 100 to influencers, and 100 are to be airdropped to BAYC owners. 

Most poignantly, and as the math suggests, there are 700 remaining LAC NFTs waiting to be directed to the wallets of digital ape enthusiasts. These are currently listed on OpenSea via timed auctions, and are therefore waiting to be picked up immediately.

1659465008 ladtapenft


In wake of the successful STRMNFT sales, as well as the ongoing OpenSea auctions, the project is planning a yacht party in Dubai for its holders, as well an array of other events and reward initiatives that’ll be hosted in collaboration with STRMNFT. 

On the NFT side of things, the future will see LAC holders have the chance to receive and breed a Baby Ape NFT. This will involve innovative concepts such as ‘DNA’, ‘Super DNA,’ and ‘Jewellery Boxes’.


The LAC NFT collection is a creation by the art team of TNC Group, one of the UAE’s most prominent blockchain pioneers.

TNC Group is also a partner of StreamCoin (the company behind STRMNFT), which is on a mission to innovate how content creators can uniquely present NFT artworks.

Visit Lady Ape Club >> Website


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